NNashville, Tennessee

Need something to do this weekend?  Enjoy crafts?  Enjoy the park?  Enjoy good, greasy food?  Enjoy music?  Here ya go.  Support local artists and crafters.

The Tennessee Association of Craft Artists kicks off its biannual festival this morning. One of Middle Tennessee’s most anticipated arts and crafts events, the spring installment offers the winning combination of pleasant weather, baby ducks and handmade goodies. For those who look forward to slurping ice cream while shopping for pottery (and who doesn’t?), this year’s craft fair offers some rare rewards. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the event, TACA will include painting for the first time, and visitors can enjoy painting demonstrations alongside the usual pottery demos. A tent for kiddos will allow parents more time to browse the handmade jewelry and tableware. For newbies, TACA offers the perfect introduction to Tennessee’s sophisticated craft community. Enjoy the novelty of making eye contact with the person who made your new favorite coffee mug.— Deborah Walden
Via Nashville Scene

  2PM, May 6 2011
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